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Connect with your community and raise the funds your department needs.

We provide fire departments with a reliable channel to effectively raise funds from the communities they serve. We make getting your donations simple with our proven process.

Whether you need: new equipment, essential training, community support, or to recruit new volunteers.

Donation Rhino can help you get personal with your neighbors to raise funds for the upgrades you need to help save a life.

With the help of Donation Rhino we have developed a program that reaches every citizen and offers them the ability to help us out, without the pressure of sales, raffles, etc. These funds go into a Town held account that is for the purchase of much needed Fire and Rescue equipment.
— Chief Zbikowski & Association President Paulino

About the Rhino

We have been serving non profits and noble causes for over a decade. Our passion is strengthening the organizations we serve.


Comprehensive Packages

Donation Rhino makes it fast and easy to develop and execute your annual appeal, special appeal or any solicitation. Our unique digital storefront provides you with professionally designed templates that are proven to get the highest possible response rates.

Our comprehensive packages include letters, post cards, return envelopes, email blasts, and links to web sites for on-line donations.  We can even provide you with a mailing list customized to your community.

Donation Rhino’s web based application provides benefits you can’t get anywhere else:

  • Streamlined submission of materials that automatically upload into our templates, giving you instant access to customized correspondence

  • 24/7 access to our web portal

  • Eliminate the need to hire staff or outside personnel to write copy

  • Ability to personalize your appeal to each individual recipient

  • Ability to receive donations on-line

  • Increased response rates

With Donation Rhino, we make your successful appeal our first priority.

Donation Rhino Fire Department fundraising direct mail package
Donation Rhino Fire Department fundraising direct mail package
Donation Rhino Fire Department fundraising direct mail package